Episode 39: The Mysterians (1957) (Normalization of Japan-USSR Relations)

They want your land, your women, then more of your land, and, well, you get the idea. The aliens have even searched through binders full of women for very best ones. Listen as I analyze Moguera, the Markalite FAHPs, and those fabulous matte paintings! And then I’ll connect the story in the movie to contemporary events: The normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and the Soviet Union in 1956.

This episode is dedicated to eminent virtuoso actor Takashi Shimura.

I’d like to send a shout-out to our patron Sean Stiff for donating at the Kaiju Visionary level. Thank you for your support! I really appreciate it.


Introduction: 0:00 – 2:35

Part 1 – Film Description: 2:35 – 10:04

Part 2 – Opinion and Analysis: 10:04 – 33:19

Part 3 – Related Topic: 33:19 – 45:39

Closing: 45:39 – End


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Episode 27: Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla (1994) (The Senkaku Islands Dispute)

In a hilarious new episode, Brian and Nate take on the most eccentric entry in the Heisei Godzilla series. The kaiju and some special effects are amazing, but the story is so overstuffed it feels like three unrelated films packed together. Your hosts’ biggest riffs are aimed at MOGUERA, the most useless mecha ever, and one half of an infamous dogfight in an asteroid belt. On a more serious note, our related topic is the Senkaku Islands dispute.


Introduction: 0:00 – 1:55

Part 1 – Film Description: 1:55 – 7:33

Part 2 – Opinion and Discussion: 7:33 – 1:00:16

Part 3 – Related Topics: 1:00:16 – 1:20:18

Closing: 1:20:18 – End


Host: Brian Scherschel

Co-Host: Nathan Marchand

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