Episode 15: All Monsters Attack (1969) (Escapism, Industrial Society, International Bullies)

Brian and Nate tackle our first postmodern Godzilla movie, and the final movie of Late 60s Month. We give this movie the appreciation it deserves, as there is plenty to analyze. Our related topics are escapism, industrial society, international bullies. There are two A-10 fighters that fly through the sky during 1:00:53-1:01:17 of the video.


Introduction: 0:00 – 1:43

Part 1 – Film Description: 1:43 – 7:05

Part 2 – Opinion and Discussion: 7:05 – 45:45

Part 3 – Related Topic: 45:45 – 1:11:37

Closing: 1:12:05 – End


Host: Brian Scherschel

Co-Host: Nathan Marchand

Editor: Brian Scherschel

Video Location: Former site of General Electric, Fort Wayne, Indiana (peak employment of 20,000 workers. Shut down in 2014.)

Video: Brian Scherschel

Music: Audiophiliac (http://www.fiverr.com/audiophiliac)

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