Episode 47 (3/3): Godzilla Anime Trilogy (2017-2018) – Godzilla: Bigger Than Human Existence

Daniel and I go further into what the anime trilogy makes us think about. We examine which historical figures the Exif could have been responsible for, the inevitability of Godzilla, the cycle of civilizations, and a fun economic term called entropy pessimism. I compare the story in the anime trilogy to Westworld, Blade Runner, Chrono Trigger, the book of Genesis, the legend of Icarus, and I Heart Huckabees.

This episode is dedicated to actor Ren Osugi.

I’d like to send a shout-out to our patrons Kyoei Toshi and Sean Stiff. Kyoei donated at the Kaiju Scholar Level and Sean donated at the Kaiju Visionary Level. Thank you for your support! I really appreciate it.

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Introduction: 0:00 – 1:10

Main Discussion: 1:10 – 51:42

Closing: 51:42 – End


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