Episode 12: Ebirah – Horror of the Deep! (1966) (The Changing Kaiju Film Audience)

City slicker Brian and country boy Nate discuss the Godzilla film for young people with a South Seas adventure flavor.  Though it’s featured in Mystery Science Theater 3000, we conclude that this a considerably underestimated film.  Our related topic is how kaiju film audiences changed during this decade.

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Introduction: 0:00 – 1:41

Part 1 – Film Description: 1:41 – 6:53

Part 2 – Opinion and Discussion: 6:53 – 48:00

Part 3 – Related Topic: 48:00 – 1:09:59

Closing: 1:09:59 – End


Host: Brian Scherschel

Co-Host: Nathan Marchand

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