KVR Live 3: Japan Sinks: 2020

In this live, I address the recently released Japan Sinks: 2020 anime series from Science Saru Studios and directed by Masaaki Yuasa.  I give you my reactions and thoughts on this incredible anime.  It’s bizarre, funny, sad, and surprising!  It departs significantly from the original Komatsu book.  I analyze the Japanese rap battle about what it means to be Japanese, the old man’s murder spree while riding a mobility scooter, and the many bizarre deaths in this fascinating story.


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Host/Editor/Director: Brian Scherschel

Video Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

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YouTube Channel Reintroduction

In this short video, I reintroduce KVR’s YouTube channel. I’m here to say welcome to the show again! I say again about what Kaijuvision focuses on. I will sometimes make an appearance for videos in-person.


Host/Editor/Director/Scenic Videos: Brian Scherschel

Video Location: Lincoln Bank Tower (left), Allen County Courthouse (center), and The PNC Building (right), Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Introducing Our YouTube Channel Featuring Scenic Videos

By Brian Scherschel

Two weeks to go until Episode 1 premieres. In this short video, Brian introduces our YouTube channel featuring scenic videos. The feature of every video will be either nature, like this one, or architecture. The vast majority of the videos are recorded in northeast Indiana, where Kaijuvision Radio is produced.

Host: Brian Scherschel

Editor: Brian Scherschel

Video Location: Eagle Marsh, Allen County, Indiana

Video: Brian Scherschel

Music: Audiophiliac (http://www.fiverr.com/audiophiliac)

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