KVR Live 6: Regarding Nathan’s firing from Kaijuvision in August 2018

I received a question from a listener about the circumstances of this event, so I decided to answer it.

If you’re wondering why I am a little bent over in this video, it’s because of severe chronic pain in my spine.

Receipts here: https://twitter.com/kaijuvision/status/1344055920096063488

Receipts include excerpts from Nathan’s blog about the Dennis Hensley alleged attempted rape scandal, and his claim his Facebook was hacked (redactions are to protect his friends).  The now redacted section by Watkins characterizing Hensley’s victims as the aggressors, Nathan saying it’s the best thing written on the scandal, and the rest of Watkins’ over the top blog. Nathan’s full article: http://nathanjsmarchand.com/my-thoughts-on-the-dr-dennis-hensley-scandal/


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