G-Fest XXV (2018) Panel: Godzilla and the Japanese National Spirit

As promised, here’s the audio and video of our G-Fest Conference panel, which took place at 3:00pm (CDT) on July 13, 2018 at the Crowne Plaza O’Hare in Rosemont, Illinois. We had a larger-than-expected turnout, including several attendees who were listeners and a university professor who was impressed with our presentation. If he was amazed, we know you’ll be, too!

In this, we discuss Godzilla (1954), The Return of Godzilla (1984), Shin Godzilla (2016), and Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972), and the international relations issues that were surrounding them when they were made.

We introduce ourselves, the podcast, and its mission. Then Nate examines the 1954 and 1984 movies with respect to the JSDF, the US-Japan Alliance, and Japanese domestic issues. Brian then updates the audience on what has happened in Japan and the world between 1984 and 2016. Nate examines the 2016 movie across the same issues. Brian analyzes Godzilla vs. Gigan and all that the movie communicates to the audience about globalization. Brian finishes the panel by mentioning what all will happen to Japan in 2019 and 2020, and gives a spirited case for defending democracy.




Episode 1: Introduction to the Godzilla Journey

It’s G-Day at Kaijuvision Radio. Surprise! – We’re releasing the first two episodes of the show this week instead of just one. In our first episode, we discuss our philosophy of the podcast moving forward.


Opening Remarks: 0:00 – 2:33

Our Bios: 2:33 – 5:05

How We Became Godzilla Fans: 5:05 – 9:08

Some of our Favorite Non-Godzilla Films: 9:08 – 11:45

Our Impressions of the Godzilla Series 11:45 – 17:11

Our Thoughts on the Kaiju Genre: 17:11 – 21:11

Why the Godzilla Movies are Better than their Reputations 21:11 – 29:07

What We Think of Dubbing: 29:07 – 33:57

Refuting the “And then they got silly” argument: 33:57 – 38:13

The Role of Nostalgia in the Godzilla Movies: 38:13 – 43:51

The Versatility of Godzilla: 43:51 – 45:06

The Japanese National Spirit: 45:06 – 49:01

Closing: 49:01 – End


Co-Hosts: Brian Scherschel and Nathan Marchand

Editor: Brian Scherschel

Video Location: Japanese Friendship Garden, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Video: Brian Scherschel

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