Nate Returns to Redeemed Otaku for Godzilla Anime

We won’t be covering the Godzilla anime films until all three of them are out, but Nate was once again invited onto the Redeemed Otaku podcast to discuss the second film in the trilogy, City on the Edge of Battle. He and his friend/co-author Eric Anderson join host (and avid KVR listener) Bex as they detail their initial reactions to the film, theorize over what the third entry may hold, and discuss its moral and theological facets.

The episode description reads as follows:

The dynamic duo, Nathan and Eric, are back! We talk about the second installment of the Netflix original Godzilla anime. Will Godzilla win? Will Haruo finally become more than a two-dimensional character? Will we ever pronounce the name of the Bilusaludo correctly?

Redeemed Otaku is a podcast that examines all things anime from a Christian worldview. It’s hosted by Bex and a rotating troupe of co-hosts.

You can listen to the new episode here.