About Nathan Marchand

Me! (Photo by Ben Gilliom)

Nathan is a professional writer. He discovered his talent for storytelling in middle school English when he was assigned to write a “fanciful story,” so he wrote one about his toys coming to life and fighting each other. Think of it as a geekier, action-oriented version of Toy Story. He then attended Taylor University Fort Wayne, which has one of the best writing programs in the country.  He learned how to be a freelance writer, journalist, and novelist, among other things.

As a longtime fan of things like Star Trek, comic books, and, of course, Godzilla, it won’t surprise you that his first novel, Pandora’s Box, which was published in 2010 by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy, was a military science fiction book. He’d actually started writing it before he went to college, scrapped much of that first incomplete draft, revised it some during college, and finished it after graduation. Since then, he’s become a hybrid author, having been both traditionally published and self-published. Here’s a list of most of his books.

Two of his books are about kaiju. One is a novella entitled Destroyer. He co-authored it with he and Brian’s mutual friends (and fellow podcasters) Natasha Hayden, Timothy Deal, and Nick Hayden. You can hear him read an excerpt from it on this episode of the Derailed Trains of Thought podcast.

His other kaiju-related book is actually a short story anthology: The Worlds of Nathan Marchand. The last tent-pole story is a kaiju tale set in a post-apocalyptic world. The story was originally written for an anthology called Mammoth Monster Mayhem.

Besides all this writing, He’s also dabbled in YouTube videos. While He’s put his channel on (temporary) hiatus while he and Brian work on the podcast, he’s produced around 80 or so videos for it. He did four different shows: “But I Digress…” (main show about creativity and film/book reviews), “Digressions” (fun random videos), “NERD RAGE!” (a show where he rants about geek-related things), and “Ankle Pickers” (a show about fighting games).