My Review of ‘Godzilla’ (2014) on Strangers and Aliens

by Nathan Marchand

Kaijuvision Radio isn’t my first foray into podcasting. I appeared on several others, including Derailed Trains of Thought, The Weekly Hijack, and Theology Gaming. (For a [mostly?] complete list of the episodes I’ve been on, read this blog on my author site).

The current cover image for Strangers and Aliens.

The one most relevant to your interests, though, is the episode I co-hosted on Strangers and Aliens. I reviewed Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla (2014) the week it opened with the podcast’s host/creator, Ben Avery.

Strangers and Aliens, as its tagline says, is “a podcast exploring faith and imagination.” In other words, a podcast examining nerdy pop culture through the lens of Christianity. I became acquainted with Ben Avery through a Facebook group, where I was sharing freelance movie reviews I’d written. He lives about an hour north of me. He asked me to join him to review the RoboCop remake since one of his regular co-hosts wasn’t available, but I couldn’t make it. Then a few months later, he told me he would be tabling at a small comic-con in Fort Wayne, Indiana, promoting comic books he’d authored. Since I was planning on attending, and that was the weekend that the new Godzilla opened, Ben, my brother Jarod, and I decided to go see it at the local IMAX theatre after the con wrapped up on Saturday.

Ben and I start the episode by talking about our histories with the Godzilla franchise, showing our “geek cred” with all the trivia we’d absorbed, and then talk about our experience seeing the movie, but the bulk of the episode is a discussion the film. Listening to it now, I can definitely say that I’ve gotten better as a podcaster. There are a few points where I get a trivia detail or two wrong, and I’m more confident and articulate “on air” now. Also, my opinions have changed since this was recorded in 2014. Regardless, it helped pave the way for my own podcast on one of my favorite fandoms.

You can listen to the episode on:

-The podcast website
iTunes (episode 127)

Let this be a taste of what’s to come, G-fans and kaiju lovers!